Betty's Clinic Healthy Food and Exercise Resource.

Abide Family Ministries produced for the South Pacific Divisio, Adventist Health, the second Betty's Clinic DVD Resource for the Pacific Islands, Healthy Food and Exercise. The kit contains a workbook, DVD and CD and is designed for use in homes, schools, churches, community health educational programs and by others interested in promoting positive health principles for children and families in the South Pacific and beyond...



Arnie's Shack in Vanuatu December 2010

Arnie's Shack had an exciting trip to Vanuatu which even included an earthquake and a visit to a live Volcano. Lots of filming for the Arnie's Shack in Vanuatu DVD. Great time doing music with thousands of pathfin ders from around the Pacific Islands at the Pathfinder Camporee. Met up with Graeme Fraunfelder, the minister for happiness.


Arnie's Shack sing in "Carols in the Park" December 2010

Christmas Carols in Cooranbong Park. Lots of fun singing the "Christmas Tree" song.



Arnie's Shack in Papua New Guinea October 2010

October 2010, Abide Family Ministries along with Troy and Sophie Livah, went to Papua New Guinea to take part in an Adventurer Camporee, the first one for Papua New Guinea. Over 500 children were there and we had a fantastic week. The theme was Building Adventurers for Christ. Filmed two new "Arnie's Shack in Papua New Guinea" episodes.


Songs For Kids By Kids 2010

Abide Family Ministries assisted in the production of the new Children's Resource, Songs For Kids By Kids. Valmai Hill, co-producer of the PLAY TODAY series with Lyell Heise has produced and arranged this complete worship resource for use in children's programs, church, school & home. Melody and words have been written by piano students aged between 6 and 13.



"Ordinary To Amazing" - Christchurch New Zealand Jan 2010

Abide had a fantastic week in South New Zealand, working with an AMAZING group of 10 - 12 year old children. The challenge for the week was to not just settle for the ordinary, but to embrace the plans and dreams God has for all of us, and with God become AMAZING. Brand new theme song, "Ordinary to Amazing" was launched, and even filmed on location in New Zealand - it will be coming up in future Arnie's Shack episodes.



Saturday October 31st 2009, Abide Family Ministries performed an Arnie's Shack Concert at Rhemafest, in Newcastle. It was a great occasion, celebrating the end of the "Jesus all about life" campaign, and Rhema FM Newcastle's 10th birthday. Follow this link to the Rhema website.


Year Of The Child Song 2009              

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist commisioned Kimberly Houliston to write the theme song for the 2009 International Year Of The Child.

The two songs written were;

1. Children First - a song to inspire adults working with children.

2. We Need To Go - a song for children incorporating both the Year Of The Child and The Year Of Evangelism.


Abide In The Solomon Islands July 2009

July 2009, Abide Family Ministries visited the Solomon Islands. There were 3 aspects to the trip.
1. Arnie's Shack Concerts and Workshops.
2. Filming for Betty's Clinic Healthy Food and Exercise DVD
3. Being a part of the Sonship Team in the Western Solomon Islands. Kid's clubs in Villages, and upgrading the medical clinic at Kukundu.



Betty's Clinic DVD Launch

July 2009 was the launch of the first Betty's Clinic DVD. Betty's Clinic has been produced by Abide Family Ministries for The South Pacific Division Health Department of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The first episode tackles the issues of Smoking and Alcohol. This puppet based series has been especially designed for Pacific Island children.It features Tevita and Lusi, two young children strugggling with questions regarding smoking and alcohol, who visit puppet Nurse Betty for more information. The series is also supported by a workbook complete with blackline masters, music scores and words, and a supporting PowerPoint presentation.


Sing About God's Love Songbook and CD  

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Children's Ministries Department has produced a music book and CD based on the 28 fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Kimberly Houliston from Abide Family Ministries was commissioned to write 17 of the 28 songs for this production.


Sing About God's Love Song Book
By Kimberly Houliston, Feryl Harris &  others
Children love to sing!  Learning songs is one effective ways of teaching children.  Sing About God's Love contains songs to help young children understand the 28 fundamental beliefs of our Seventh-day Adventist Church.  A few of the 28 song titles include: "God's Book, the Bible", " Save Me", "Creation", "Jesus Is Alive", "More Like Jesus", "Remember Me", "His Time is Our Time", and "We're Going Home". This exciting collection of songs are all original and are written to show children how to rejoice in Jesus. Singing about God's love can be a great way to witness for Him and share His love with others.



Sing About God's Love CD
Children love to sing! Learning songs is one of the tried and true methods of teaching children. Even those too young to read can memorize simple words and melodies. Sing About God's Love CD contains each of the 29 songs found in the Sing About God's Love Songbook Kids will love this upbeat, lively and fun, professionally produced and recorded CD that will help them gain a better understanding of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Abide in Fiji April 2008              

Abide at Fiji Children's Expo April 2008

April 2009, Abide Family Ministries was involved in the South Pacific Division Children's Expo in Fiji.This included teaching workshops on puppetry, music and ballooning as well as leading out in the music for the expo.

Abide in Papua New Guinea

October 2007, Arnie's Shack went to Papua New Guinea to
take part in a Children's Expo. Had a great week with people from all over PNG. Abide lead out with the devotionals, the praise and worship, and also puppetry workshops.



Adventurer Camporee Stuarts Point 2007

Abide Family Ministries brought Arnie's Shack to the Adventurer Camp at Stuart's Point Australia, May 4 - 6 2007 where the brand new theme song, "Child Of The King" was released. Arnie, The Balloon Man, Shane and PJ were all there for a fun and interactive weekend. The Adventurer Camporee, organised by the North New South Wales Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, brought together clubs from all over North New South Wales for a weekend of celebration